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RealSec is an internationally-trusted cybersecurity company specializing in hardware security module (HSM) solutions. We work with clients across sectors to protect customer and internal data, financial transactions, IoT products, and more.

Whether you’re a multinational corporation, a government agency, or a small startup, we’re here to keep your digital data safe.

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  • Symmetric & Asymmetric Encryption

    We offer the kind of encryption that works best for you—whether you’re accepting payments, connecting with IoT, collecting digital signatures, or transferring any information digitally.

  • Cryptographic Key Management

    Generate, stores and custodies the lifecycle of cryptographic keys.

  • 24-Hour Technical Support

    Get round-the-clock technical help from our expert customer support team. No matter where you are around the globe, you can be sure of your cybersecurity with the RealSec team.

Why use an HSM?

  • Encrypt and decrypt digital signatures, PKI certificates, and card payment systems
  • Safeguard IoT/blockchain products
  • Save on human and material costs with automated HSM encryption
  • Comply with security requirements set by governmental agencies and private sector partners
  • Use as a framework for your public key infrastructure (PKI)

Why Clients Trust RealSec

  • Our HSM solutions are FIPS-certified (FIPS 140-2 Level 3). We meet the US government’s cybersecurity and encryption standards, letting us handle highly sensitive and confidential information.
  • We’re PCI-certified (PCI HSM PTS 2.0) to protect against credit and debit card fraud. Our HSM solutions provide maximum protection to safeguard cardholder data and transaction details.
  • We implement strict quality protocols to proactively defend data. Our hardware security modules are tamper-resistant and tamper-responsive to protect against threats.

Industries We Protect

  • Banking institutions

  • Fintech & investment firms

  • Financial services (credit/debit card) companies

  • Governmental & defense agencies

  • Private corporations

  • Generation and custody of keys for PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) solutions.

Our Hardware Security Module Products

General purpose HSM Banking & means of payment HSM

Financial cryptographic solutions & PKI/digital certificate solutions

To learn more about our HSM solutions and how we can protect you, contact us today.

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